back to article NEC shows off ultra-thin battery

NEC has announced the development of an ORB (organic radical battery) which it says can be printed into circuit boards as thin as 0.3mm – making it suitable for applications like credit cards and bendable screens. The company expects to have the batteries ready for production in 2013. The new ORB, part of an ongoing project …


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Anonymous Coward


A battery powered credit card that vibrates in your pocket when you walk past a bargain.

Or is this wishful thinking?


Rec: ool

Eve nbe tte ran ewt hre ele tte rwo rd.

Paris Hilton


with a piezoelectric device and bingo, a self charging device... animated logos on sportwswear anyone?

Paris, because I'm sure she could come up with some other uses, or ways to charge it...

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Making organic radicals *stable* is the tricky bit.

I didn't think they existed for more than fractions of a *second* at any one time.

Keeping them stable but *useful* is a pretty neat trick and if it sidesteps any specific hard-to-get metals it *could* be said to be a truly green technology (but I'd want to know a *lot* more about the process before using that term given some very nasty catalysts can be found in chemistry).

Note that at least 1 company (Safion) *already* makes a battery in this range *specifically* for credit card sized devices. I'm not sure what it's chemistry is however.

How about a "Summer book reader" printed and loaded with a Summers worth of reading (that only lasts a Summer)?

It's never too early to pervert the high quality engineering achievement to the purposes of banal (but profitable) entertainment.

Thumbs up for the work.


3mAh? at how many volts?

This doesnt give an indication to the actual capacity this offers.

Low power LEDs, that you might find in your optical mouse may draw between 4-20mA at 2 volts (according to wikipedia)

**Assuming** this battery outputs 2 volts at 3mAh (0.004w), it might run a low power LED for maybe an hour..

an AA battery (1.5v/250mah) could run the same for almost 4 days?

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