back to article 90% of AU net users want 'do not track'

Australian Internet users are turned off by overly-intrusive personal data collection, according to a study conducted by Queensland University, and we want more information about how information is collected and used. The 1,100-sample survey into Australians’ attitudes to the collection and use of personal information also …


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Anonymous Coward

I'm happy with it & only tried it after recommendations on this website. A bit of reading around will give you some insight into how much data Google has on you.


90% doesn't mean governments will act.

Even if it were 100% then probably nothing much would happen to protect us users.

View it this way. Consider all the legislation concerning the internet over recent years. Who are the main beneficiaries--governments and corporations of course.

'Tis a race where we users come in a poor third place!

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