back to article Optus hits LTE switch in Newcastle

Huawei Australia is inching closer to securing the national tender for Optus’ LTE rollout following its placement as technology partner for the commercial rollout of an LTE network in Newcastle and surrounding areas. The commercial contract follows extensive trails between the Chinese vendor and the carrier for LTE deployment …


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Justified or not, it worries the hell out of me that H'wei are being given the reins to provide 'turn key' on an LTE network.

Far too much of a risk to put all your eggs in to one basket, and certianly /far/ too big when the vendor is from China : design, build and managed service ? Who the hell contgrols data flow and monitoring and LI [Lawful Intercept] ? LI from H'wei ?

No thanks.

Anonymous Coward

I find it more worrying that they're pushing the Chinese version of LTE, TD-LTE, in most markets they get into.

As if LTE wasn't fragmented enough over frequencies alone.

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