back to article EMC climbs software storage cash mountain, taunts rivals below

IDC reports that storage software sales boomed in Q4 2011, reaching an all-time record of almost $3.8bn. Full-year revenue hit a record high of $14.16bn. EMC was the top vendor with a 25.7 per cent revenue share, followed by Symantec with 15.4 per cent, and IBM at 14.2 per cent. IDC's press release quoted the wrong figures for …


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Time munging graphs

Maybe Wanda's got too old but at school they taught us that time progressed from left to right along the horizontal axis of a graph.

PS, I know the author's got something of a niggle about Documentum but I really don't think it can be termed 'storage software'.



I always find these figures misleading - EMC, Netapp, IBM and HP all sell storage which comes with software to manage the storage. Is it storage software? Well yes it is but it is only software for their disk so it is then difficult to do a true comparison against Symantec, Commvault and other software companies.

I would be much more interested in seeing storage software which is not a prerequisite of the arrays broken out so we can see the figures for things like backup, archiving, storage agnostic replication and so on where the pure play software vendors are not trying to "compete" against proprietary storage software sold (or given away) with disk.

Anonymous Coward

Re: Misleading

I brought this up with an EMC sales guy, he wouldn't have my opinion that: If we buy your array and the associated functionality (Timefinder, etc) that is not storage software, it's array control software and should be thought of as part of the array. You don't buy a washing machine and laundry software, you just buy a washing machine.

Take the sales of timefinder, etc, out of EMC and I strongly suspect that they'll be much further down the list.

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