back to article Competition officials snap on fresh glove after 4-year Sky Movies probe

The UK Competition Commission's four-year probe into Sky Movies has shifted gear, with the agency acknowledging that the market has changed significantly since it produced its interim judgment last summer. Back then, the Commission decreed that Sky's "first-window" deals (technically referred to as the FSPTW or 'First …


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Four Years?

Whole empires have risen and disappeared into obscurity in the time it took to put that report together.


Re: Four Years?

They're hopeless at trying to stop Sky price-gouging us for exactly this reason. By the time they come to any conclusion Sky has changed the method by which it gouges.


4 years

With the same glove?

I hope they're not Spinal Tap fans.

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OK, lets try comparing...

Looking at the main SKY Movies available:

Senna: Not available to stream on LoveFilm, Netflix will not even tell me if they have it without my credit card details

Faster: No stream on LoveFilm, Netflix can't find out without giving credit card details

The Green Hornet: No stream on LoveFilm, Netfilx = same again

HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban: LoveFilm = no stream, Netflix = not even bothering

The Help: LoveFilm = OMG! LoveFilm have this one!

Breaking Dawn, Pt 1: LoveFilm = no stream

Love and Other Drugs: Lovefile = no stream

The Roommate: LoveFilm = no stream

Insomnia: LoveFilm = no stream

Eat, Pray, Love: LoveFilm = no stream

The Dilemma: LoveFilm = no stream

Let Me In: LoveFilm = no stream

Gave up looking after that


Re: Comparable?

As a netflix customer I can answer that...

Senna = not on netflix

Faster = not so much

The Green Hornet = no

Happy Potter = no... get the hint?

(but I still love netflix and watch it more than my Sky box now (although I haven't movies on my Sky Sub and I don't really watch movies much, so it's mostly comedy and TV series that I never saw on TV for me...)


Re: Comparable?

And we all know that the only way to get a decent Netflix experience is to use the <cough> work-around method to obtain Netflix US.

Senna in HD there + other treats as well.

The Evil Murdoch Empire must be congratulated for congealing the UK movie market as it has.

Hardly surprising that movie piracy is still as popular as ever.

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