back to article Three millionth Aussie LinkedIn today

LinkedIn has emailed its Australian members to let them know that, as of today, they are one of three million local users. The brief missive from Cliff Rosenberg, the site's Managing Director, LinkedIn Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia, thanks members for their support and suggests readers continue to use the service. …


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LinkedIn's got 3 million in Australia? Really?

One in six (or one in seven) Australians are (in) LinkedIn? I find that a bit hard to believe myself. It's more boring than Facebook (if you're into that sort of thing), and I find it doesn't even succeed in its stated aims of making work connections.

The only guy who tried to do business with me on the site was some SEO huckster from India, who was never the less signed up to the Brisbane IT group. So we may be dealing with inflated figures from elsewhere anyway. But after an unpleasant experience of him trying to send me LinkedIn messages, and me saying "no, thank you" in increasing measures of anger and insult, I thought: "LinkedIn is not for me".

So I remain signed up to the site (as does my wife), but we don't do anything with it. We certainly don't go out of our way to sign up new people. And we roll our eyes when we receive one of their newsletters, because they cut and paste the titles from the most banal business articles out there.

This is from the latest: "Five Reasons You Need to Meet in Person", "The 5 Qualities of Remarkable Bosses" and "Five Leadership Lessons From James T. Kirk".

That's LinkedIn in a nutshell: like a Cosmo mag for the suits.


I don't believe it either.

I'm not on LinkedIn, but keep getting invitations to join from "business associates", the only connection being that I asked them for a quote on an african safari 2 years ago. One of them is Kenyan, the other Tanzanian...

I fail to see the point of it TBH, though perhaps it's because I work in a fairly small industry, and have good enough real-world connections to people that I don't need virtual connections.

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