back to article Top DARPA bomb boffin in explosive move to Google

Google has reportedly poached DARPA chief Dr Regina Dugan, who will apparently shortly be joining the Chocolate Factory as a top exec. According to Wired, Dugan is quitting her job at the Pentagon's research arm because she couldn't resist Google's charms. It's unclear what her exact role will be at the world's largest ad …


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Maybe she left

due to the daily strip search and weigh in at security check in at Dulce?

Or shes going to trademark 'googlebomb'

One wonders.......................................


Re: Maybe she left

Well, the strip search may not be as funny as your just-a-little-bit-sexist remark suggest...

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Re: Maybe she left

Nah. She knows how to defend against explosive threats. They're hiring her to stop googlebombs.

Titus Technophobe

Jealous of The Register ?

They noticed that one of The Registers reporters had similar credentials and Google wanted one all for themselves?

Don Jefe


By and large DARPA employees and researchers are only there for very limited amounts of time; usually on a project basis. Management may last a little longer but not very often. Churn is build into their model in order to prevent stagnation and keep innovation high. Often the researchers start companies to produce what they designed while there. It's all part of the deal.

g e
Black Helicopters

Black helicopters

Cos without 'em it just ain't a DARPA story...

laird cummings

R&D Wars

They're heating up, and Google is ready to go on the offensive...

E 2

Response to Apple lawsuits?

What the title says.

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