back to article The challenges of hot rocks and big data

Of all the alternative energy proposals suggested for Australia, geothermal is probably the least-understood in the public mind. Australia’s problem is this: most places that adopt geothermal power do so because the heat is right there at the surface. Australia’s “hot rocks”, on the other hand, are a long way underground. To …


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4Km is *deep;*

A lot of this sort of stuff has been done around the 3000 ft mark in Texas for tapping heat from played out oil wells.

It's strange that they are not initially focusing on the areas around the big cities.

does the extraction efficiency vary *so* much that the transport losses from 2000 km are outweighed by the increased energy recovery?

Possible I suppose but hard to believe.

A very impressive feat of both IT and engineering if they pull it off.

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