back to article OCZ dazzles CeBIT with flashy Kilimanjaro package

OCZ doesn't just give us teasing hints about future flash products, it tells us about them at trade shows. CeBIT was no exception, with OCZ unveiling its Kilimanjaro controller; SSD Lightfoot with its Thunderbolt interface; and Vertex 4 SSD with its Everest controller. Vertex 4 is a coming 2.5-inch SSD with a 6Gbit/s SATA …


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By Haswell, it will happen

I can see within 18 months laptops that have 2 internal PCI-E 3.0 4x connections with 2 SSDs connected to them and thunderbolt for external SSD drives.



I've just dumped a Vertex 2 that died on me after 4 months, and from looking around I can tell I'm far from alone. Performance is nice, but OCZ should pay more attention to quality control. After all, the IOPS of a broken drive is zero.


sustained iops after 6-9 months

what do they sustain after they have been around the block a few times... consumer grade flash devices will fail and will degrade... there is a reason enterprise "class" ssd cost so much

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