back to article Euro watchdog snarls at data protection law overhaul

A key advisory body, which is lending a hand in the rewrite of Europe's law for safeguarding information, has today reeled off its concerns over Viviane Reding's draft data protection bill. The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) warned that the rules laid out in the justice commissioner's proposal, which was published …


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Anonymous Coward

Atlantic Diode again

"This assertion that the regulation can be enforced just because they're [non-EU companies] marketing to European citizens isn't going to happen,"

Why not

US regulations seem to be enforceable to non-US companies who market to US citizens, e.g. Canadian on-line gambling sites, UK students who have web-sites with links to TV programs...

If EU regulations are not enforceable to the US then the same should be true in reverse. Either stop the US enforcing their laws on the EU or force the US to abide by EU regulations when dealing with EU citizens...or is this another one of those 'Atlantic Diode' things like the extradition agreement?

Anonymous Coward

Re: Atlantic Diode again

Your problem is leverage and ethics. The US still has considerable leverage to run roughshod over any local law, especially if you're dealing with politicians without any semblance of a backbone - which is where we also hit the ethics issue.

From what I can see, the US isn't above some serious arm twisting, rules and agreements be damned. It's sad, but nowadays it's easier to trust a member of Italian parliament than anyone in politics in the US. It's astounding just how much they have damaged the trust in the US to do something the honest way. Is there actually *any* agreement they have stuck to over the last, umm, decade or so? Just out of interest?

Anonymous Coward

its all about

Self interest and who has the largest wallet couple with underlying protectionism.

The US shouts jump, the world asks how high.

Here in the UK we have a history of AR*se licking whoever is in charge over there.

The question is, what do we actually get out of the imbalance? Maybe it is time to cut the umbilical cord and take the consequences.



Did you mean to call it "EU Data Slurping"? May'be "EU Data Protection" was an oxymoron? Why am I so confused all the time - I just don't know?

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