back to article Pandora may open its box downunder

Internet radio outfit Pandora is set to disrupt the Australian radio landscape eroding advertising revenue and asset valuation, according to a new report from Morgan Stanley. The report suggests that Southern Cross Media (SXL) group, as the largest and most profitable radio business in Australia, has the most to lose from new …


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In a broadcasting climate of utter mediocrity, that's a certainty.

"We believe it’s only a matter of time before the internet has a negative impact on traditional radio listenership … and thereafter radio asset values in Australia too,”

...Only a matter of time? Must have started by now, I've cut down my traditional broadcast radio listening to less than a quarter of what it was 5 years ago and I'll bet I'm certainly not the first to do so.

National broadcasters, BBC, ABC etc., are now little more than bastions of political correctness--they're so bad I cringe when I listen to them; and commercial radio offers nothing but lowest-common-denominator sport, cretinous talk-back or politically-motivated commentards etc.--it's just dreadful.

In a climate of utter mediocrity, it seems logical that one would 'dial-your-own' if one could do so.

Trouble is 'narrowcasting' in any form/medium is not necessarily a good idea as one takes the easy option of one's interests instead of the broader whole. Ideally, broadcasting would be fixed, but there's a snowball's chance of that ever happening.

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