back to article Secunia bets on open information for security growth

Danish vulnerability specialist developer Secunia has released the latest beta of its Personal Software Inspector (PSI), and says it is betting on an open approach to security information to grow the company. Founder Niels Henrik Rasmussen told The Register that his company will continue to work on open information sharing …


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Anonymous Coward

Please get busy

If you have the spare time like I did for v1, and v2, please a whole wave of people download v3 and get busy, get the bugs out so we can upgrade from these v2x's, which right now is quite unpracticle for some because of the fine control v2 has us dependant on. If I could test I would, but 3 has problems for me now, and frankly I don't have time to mess with those problems currently like I did for 1 and 2.

At least sign up, and read and help in the community forums.

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Re: Please get busy

I don't have time to mess with something I wont use. V3 is for people who do

not want to know anything. There is NO detail provided byt v3.

V2 provides information on the programs, etc.

I downloaded it, looked at it for 5 minutes and deleted it, went back to v2.

No thank you.

And why the hell a anonymous coward gets posted and my post is not even listed is curious.

I suppose I should not admit I was from Texas. Some Brit bias I suppose.


Re: Please get busy

"post not even listed"? All rebellious colonialists are subject to delay. Seems fair. Calm down.

How come "Brit" is OK, but "Yank" is frequently considered derogatory?

Is Texas large because everything is double spaced?


Einstein is not happy with this 3.0 beta.

Make it as simple as possible, but no simpler.

I think Einstein would have said that if saw the 3.0 Secunia beta.

Within minutes I had reverted back to 2.x Secunia.

If you are a Secunia PSI user, just be aware this is an intentional design

of Secunia. They seem to think the typical user is too daft to use the information

presented in the 2.x series and is mentally overburdened by seeing anything other

than a white screen with a green shaded equivalent of a smiley face.

I think they figured their next demographic audience is the Xbox and PlayStation

type generation. They could be right. I run into that type all the time on the net, they

are extremely ignorant of PC usage in general. How they even manage to turn them on

is somewhat of a mystery to me...

So, you have been warned. Try it!

Only plus I could see, was the uninstall was as painless as the install. 2.x managed

to remove 3.x and all was good again.

Your Mileage May Vary **

** Distance of measurement used in Texas.

Oh, and if your a PC user and NOT using Secunia, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Without the PCI inspector I'd never keep up with security risk ridden software on my PC.

Yah, most of the time it is Adobe . Go figure.


Re: Einstein is not happy with this 3.0 beta.

Yeah v3 looks great for my non techy family & friends but is far too simplified for me. I'm running it on one machine to help with the testing and I've suggested they add an advanced mode for those of us that can use it. Hopefully they will listen, otherwise I'll have to go back to v2 eventually.

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