back to article Telstra gets ready for the split

In a landmark move, the Australian regulator has accepted Telstra’s structural separation undertaking (SSU) to be implemented via the migration to the National Broadband Network. After many months of work, including revisions to Telstra's original proposals, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission gave the SSU the …


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sorry Mr Turnbull

My copper loop is stuffed and the owner has no interest in fixing it. FTTH please.


Re: sorry Mr Turnbull

Hey! Mine too, the owner, to whom I pay line rental, could fix it by finally upgrading the local RIM to a smart MUX, but the ACCC said if they did that anybody could use it .

I wish it was a joke, bit it's all too real!

Anonymous Coward

No Sharks Here

"In a media statement, opposition communications spokesperson Malcolm Turnbull said: "A FTTN redesign would see NBN Co acquire the copper loop on the customer premises’ side of the node." He did not, however, outline the funding arrangements or likely price for the transfer of the network."

Not having to lay fibre to the home would save an enormous amount of money - money that could be used to acquire the existing copper connections, with plenty left over.

Individual users who would prefer fibre could then pay a realistic price to have the copper loop from the nearest node to their house replaced.

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