back to article 10GigE jetpacks strapped on EqualLogic underlings

Dell has added 10Gbps Ethernet cards to two of its 1GigE EqualLogic iSCSI arrays, bumped up their controllers and built in greater Linux and Windows host integration. The range starts at the 1GbitE PS4100 entry level, and then rises up through the 1GbitE PS6100, the virtualised and scale-out PS6500, the 10GbitE PS6010 and …


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snapshots and replication are still crap.

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I haven't had any problems with snapshots? Sync replication would be nice, but because our DR site is quite far away, we can't really use it at the moment anyway, so we async fits the the bill.

I loved it when one vendor came in and tried to blame the iSCSI storage for their applications poor performance. Benchmark tests were more than 15 times faster than their requirements (we have several units)!

Overall, I find them excellent pieces of kit, and just so easy to install and use.

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