back to article Aus business learns to love the NBN

Australian businesses claim that resource gaps are hindering their participation in the digital economy, specifically broadband. A new report from Alcatel-Lucent, with research conducted by Nielsen, on the merging digital economy claims that around half of respondents believe faster broadband is essential to boost their …


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BS Meter broken

I copied the quotes from O’Halloran into and it responded:


Your text: 748 characters, 114 words

Bullshit Index :1.61

Congratulations, you managed to blow up our index scale from 0 to 1. It is highly unlikely that you will impress anybody else, but you did manage to impress us!


Drivel like "digital economy participation" are sufficient for me to insist that the utterer leave the premises immediately!

Most businesses in Australia, outside of the ISPs rarely understand the concept of latency. Australia is about 50 milliseconds "wide" in latency. IMHO, NBN deliberate avoids talking about that. That higher speeds don't mean reduced latency; that latency is what makes most things on the Internet appear to be "slow".

Nor that the promised higher speeds of the NBN won't extend across the whole country; let alone internationally.

The survey only shows the depth of ignorance about the NBN.

1.61 is interesting because it is about the magnitude of the cost blowout anticipated for the NBN, which most subscribers won't see as anything better than what they had before, at the same price. Some will get LOWER speeds when changing from ADSL2+ to the entry-level NBN.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are forced to pay to build another quango monopoly.; which controls the flow of all electronic data throughout the country; except that on private radio links.

BlaBlaMeter is a handy device that can be used by anybody; even those who've broken the BS Meter with which they were equipped in childhood.


Re: BS Meter broken - argue the facts please.

Sounds like "some website" agreed with your pre-existing opinion by doing a mathematical calculation on the english language. Just because they use wanky language doesn't mean they're wrong, and it also doesn't mean you're right. Argue against the wankiness of the wording and I'd happily agree, but you've used it to indicate that the NBN is fundamentally flawed. Sorry, no such logical jump to be found here..

As for the NBN, from what I've read, both sides of the argument agree that the infrastructure upgrade and associated potential bandwidth upgrades are necessary, and that fibre is the best solution. The argument gets stuck on the overall cost, not on bandwidth or latency. There's also the whole government controlled vs commercial argument, but the proof of the effectiveness of that stance is, well, precisely what we have now.

Also, I doubt that anyone using their ADSL2+ connection to it's potential is going to choose a lower end NBN connection, so your point is moot (it's also a bit stupid as it's a matter of consumer choice, not product limitation). There is already evidence of NBN prices being comparable (if not cheaper in some cases) to equivalent ADSL connections.

In regards to your 'quango monopoly' comment, and I'll warrant this is subjective, I'd prefer the devil-I-don't-know quango monopoly to the devil-we-know-all-too-well-and-for-well-too-long Telstra.

I honestly don't know why a reader of El Reg would be against the NBN as fervently as you obviously are, other than concern that maybe the money would be better spent on something else. If it's latency, then that's a case of "get over it" because you can't fight the laws of physics, laws of physics Jim.

If you don't like the NBN, what do you propose instead? Be part of the solution, not the problem.


Blablameter is cute

I initially scanned the article and couldn't handle the line 'another big sentiment switch, almost 80 percent agreed that telecommunications service providers were “valued advisors” ' (I call male cow excrement!) Mind you I deal with small business.

I think everyone likes the idea of the NBN. Since so little has been deployed we can still dream that it will fix things. Given the political nature of its inception, and the success of this government in past projects, I have grave reservations....

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