back to article PlayStation Vita price dips below £200

With Sony's PlayStation Vita set to touchdown on UK shelves at midnight, supermarket mogul Asda has become the first outlet to offer the console for less than £200. Let the price wars begin. While Asda's Vita figure of £197 still places the Vita at a higher price point than full-blown consoles, such as the PS3 and Xbox 360, a …


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  1. DrXym Silver badge

    £200 is a lot of money

    The PS Vita certainly packs in a lot of kit compared to the 3DS and is garnering excellent reviews but I wonder how well it will sell at this high price point. Especially when users need to buy a proprietary storage card on top to use it.

    Forcing people a proprietary card and not even bundling was a seriously scummy move from Sony. I see no reason for this. It doesn't improve security of the device since it could as easily stored data on a micro SD in an encrypted form. I wonder if someone will produce an adapter at some point.

    1. Piro

      Re: £200 is a lot of money

      £200 would be reasonable as you say, if it bundled a decent sized memory card with that, and maybe a game.

      1. jai

        Re: Re: £200 is a lot of money

        above 200 quid, it's a lot of money.

        under 200 quid, it's in a fuzzy zone that makes me think i might be tempted...

        if only there were more games available at the moment. i think the best plan is going to be to wait until later in the year. at that point there'll be more top-title games out, bugs will be patched, and the price may drop a little further too.

    2. Rob Beard

      Re: £200 is a lot of money

      Yep I agree. I had a look at the display in Sainsbury's yesterday evening. I'd like to get one for Uncharted but I'd be looking at £230 for the handheld itself (unless I go to say Asda and pick one up from there), plus another £30 quid for an 8GB memory card, and another £40 for Uncharted 3. That's nearly £300 to play one game!

      I think I'll hang on for the inevitable price cut (not sure if that'll be a price cut within a couple of months like the 3DS or a year or so away). I know the hardware is pretty good, and I'm sure the OLED screen isn't that cheap but I think they could have at least bundled in a memory card and maybe one game for £230.


  2. Andrew_b65

    iPod Touch?

    The price of the Vita is kinda in the same ball park as iPod touch. I bought my youngest an 8GB version for £150 this Christmas. The Vita has a larger display, real controls, GPS and expandable memory. Add to that, the Vita packs a quad-core processor and the price doesn't look too far off being about right.

    There are plenty of low cost chicken-shit games already available for the PSP under the 'Minis' moniker, so it's not all £40 epics.

    If it drops to £150-170 it'll be a serious contender to the rotten-fruit's casual gaming device for kids. My older son has already blown his birthday cash on a Vita pre-order with an 8GB card from Amazon for £209. I have urged him to wait at least three weeks in case the price...

  3. Tiny Iota

    "Keep your eyes fixed firmly on the site..."

    "Keep your eyes fixed firmly on the site if you know what's good for you"

    I don't know what's good for me but plan to keep my eyes firmly fixed on the site anyway. Do I win £5?

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Its rooted, i'll be interested.

    I owe Sony one in the teeth,,,

  5. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Oxford Street Shop needs paying for!

    They've set up that place opposite Tottenham Court Road tube station just to sell the Vita, so they need to make sure they shift enough units to make sure they pay for that place and those poor sods who took a job there!

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