back to article SmarTone lets users cancel all-you-can-eat contracts

Hong Kong network giant SmarTone has decided to allow customers who signed up to new mobile contracts before 13 February to have them rescinded, as the fallout of its handling of new regulations governing unlimited contracts continues. In what could be seen as a cautionary tale for mobile providers across the globe, SmarTone …


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They change your mobile contract from all you can eat to a limited fair use service here in the UK then you should have the right to keep the phone and cancel the contract.

I cannot understand why these thing do not come under unfair contract terms when unilateral decisions are made without negotiation.

No other industry allows it.


Re: IF...

Cause HK doesn't have any decent consumer protection laws.


Survey of Japan relevant?

Is this a good place to throw in a bit about the Japanese situation? Though I don't use them, Docomo (the largest mobile carrier and part of NTT, what used to be the old telephone monopoly), has said that they will implement a new unlimited policy this year. The first 7 GB will be unrestricted (though still best effort and so forth), but after that they will selectively throttle you as a 'power' user. In other words, you'll still have unlimited packets, but they will become much slower.

This actually strikes me as a pretty fair policy, though if they have that much control over it, I wish they would be a bit more flexible about the usage times. In other words, as a probable power user (though I'm not sure I get up to 7 GB per month), I'd prefer to have moderate throttling just during the peak times, and since the peak usage defines their network infrastructure cost, that would seem to be a better deal for both of us...

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