back to article Panasonic to include trackpad remotes with top-end TVs

Panasonic was keen to tout its updated smartphone remote control for its new Viera TVs at its annual European Convention today but it was its touchpad-equipped remote units that caught our eye. The app - for Android and iDevices - offers the usual telly manipulation features, but there's one trick not seen on similar apps from …


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Flick up to display on tv

We have seen this elsewhere, namely the TiVo app for iPad/iPhone... I think this may become the new gesture that all manufacturers will use maybe, until one patents it *grin*



these tv making people should ask the registers here how to do it.

it's obvious that the tv should not just have information pushed to it from the remote but also the other way around (i.e. push it to the remote).

The menus should be visible on the table controlling it, as well as programs, not just emulate a stupid cursor and the dumb remote on the tablet. Fail because were not in the 20th century anymore to accept this.

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