back to article Chinese woman sparks net craze with virgin website

A 38-year-old virgin has become the talk of the web in China this week after she set up a site devoted to her near four decades of abstinence - and urged the nation’s youth to join her in saying no to hanky-panky before marriage. Shanghai Daily reported that singleton Tu Shiyou from Hubei Province set up the “virginity website …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      It's easy to abstain if you are ugly!

      Now that was way to controversial!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: EASY...

        Downvoted by an ugly person already?

        1. Clare (web specialist)
          Thumb Down

          Re: Re: EASY...

          You should realize that beauty is only skin deep. It is men like you that have made it easy for me to abstain from sex with men for many years now. You might want to have a think about it.

          1. Grease Monkey

            Re: Re: Re: EASY...

            Shirley the question that needs to be asked here is this:

            If she hasn't found the one after 38 years of trying, is she every going to find him?

          2. Scorchio!!

            Re: Re: Re: EASY...

            It is an unfortunate sight when women stereotype men. Generalising from the particular is not a successful method of determining the truth. Your anecdotal experience is merely that. You might want to have a think about it.

            1. Clare (web specialist)
              Thumb Down

              @ Scorchio!!.

              Your accusation that I am stereotyping men makes me far angrier than the original stereotype. It is not a stereotype that would make me prefer my relationships with women it has been my consistent experience, and on top of that I have some good friends who are men. I work in a male dominated environment and every day consists or trying to prove that I am as good as them. I have no desire to carry on that struggle at home.

              How dare you accuse me of stereotyping when I was, validly objecting to a classic male stereotype. What do you mean anecdotal when this has been my experience? Every time I get involved it has been a total disappointment, unfulfilling and frequently painful! Men are just a pain in the arse.

              Every time one of my female friends admits to no longer wanting men in their life, it is the same old comments. We aren’t super models just average looking. But there is absolutely no call for those sort of insults

              1. CD001

                Re: @ Scorchio!!.

                <q>How dare you accuse me of stereotyping when ...

                Men are just a pain in the arse.</q>

                Yeah ...

              2. Clare (web specialist)
                Thumb Down

                And another thing!

                Just because you and your male friends sit around swilling port talking about this sort of thing, does not make your anecdotes my life experience. You might want to have a think about it. At times I have been on a journey with life, but all too often it is your way or the highway!

              3. This post has been deleted by a moderator

          3. Minophis

            Re: Re: Re: EASY...

            <quote>It is men like you that have...</quote>

            The posts you're replying to were made as anonymous coward, why do assume they are men?

            1. Clare (web specialist)

              Re: Re: Re: Re: EASY...

              Because it's always men. Every y time.

              1. Titus Technophobe


                I think you have misunderstood what Scorchio!! posted. Let me first say that I agree with your original comment, and hope that my remarks don’t cause you any further anger. This is a classic male stereotype comment about why a woman might still be a virgin at 38.

                You should understand that there is a difference between the phrase anecdote, and anecdotal experience. An anecdote being a interesting and possibly humorous description of a real event, whereas anecdotal experience would be direct personal experience. I guess both words have the same derivation. Anyway I think the intention of Scorchio!!’s comment was that just because to date whenever you have had a relationship with a man it has ended badly, you should not assume that this will always happen.

                Just out of curiosity I am assuming from the comments above and a couple of your other posts that you have Sapphic tendencies?

          4. muss

            Re: Re: Re: EASY...

            I am 35 and yet to find a woman who understands what it means to be faithful... I have never cheated not even when I was propositioned while being in a loveless relationship for the last 7 years of my 12 year marriage (we had kids so i stayed until i found out she was cheating)

            I am sorry sweetheart but your gender is worse than mine

  2. moiety


  3. DJO Silver badge

    I've known a few women who "saved themselves" for the bloke they married and in later years every one of them has regretted it. Sometimes not all that long after they married and wondered "is this all there is?"

    Most enjoyable showing them there was a lot more to it indeed.

    1. Aaron Em

      I knew a fellow like you once!

      He used to say that it was no responsibility of his to enforce other people's marriage vows -- of course, this was a while back, before he got shot.

      1. Audrey S. Thackeray

        Re: I knew a fellow like you once!

        What did you shoot him with?

        1. Aaron Em

          Re: Re: I knew a fellow like you once!

          Oh, I never had cause to shoot him with anything; he didn't make a habit of trying for his friends' wives, and, if I may be excused just a bit of bragging, I don't make a habit of giving my wife cause to stray in any case -- of course, considering we live in a rowhouse, our neighbors probably wish I would do.

          Lovely funeral he had; you should've been there. I've never seen a casket with so many flower arrangements around it -- now I think about it, I don't believe I've ever seen so many flower arrangements without cards attached, too.

        2. unitron

          Re: Re: I knew a fellow like you once!

          "What did you shoot him with?"

          Malice Aforethought?

          (which is almost as good a band name as Evil Shadow Team)

      2. Daniel 4

        Re: I knew a fellow like you once!

        It's so nice to see so many people, especially on a Brit site, upvote enforcing morality with blind rage and a gun.

        In case anyone is wondering, this is why I often feel the bile rise in my throat at the levels of hypocrisy in the El Reg forums.

        Damn gun loving Brits.

        -d, a yank

        1. Aaron Em

          Re: Re: I knew a fellow like you once!

          Actually, Daniel, it's just that most people on here are unlike you in being able to recognize a joke when they see one. (And I'm a septic myself, actually -- well spotted!)

          1. unitron

            Re: Re: Re: I knew a fellow like you once!

            "And I'm a septic myself, actually..."

            A septic what?

            Or did you mean aseptic?

            Either way, maybe it's a good time for your annual medical exam.

            1. Anonymous Coward
              Anonymous Coward

              Re: Re: Re: Re: I knew a fellow like you once!

              It's rhyming slang. One of the more convoluted ones


              abbrv of Septic Tank

              rhymes with Yank

              abbrv of Yankee

              Generally taken to mean an American

              And, funily enough, is a reference to the 'English'... that's a good one to remember!

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Re: I knew a fellow like you once!

          If we had more guns here, the Divorce Rate would be nearly Zero!

          as would be the levels of Adultery, The corruption of Govt., Chavs, Car Theives, religious extremists, etc...

          Church Attendance levels would be up as well....

          1. John Hughes

            Re: Re: Re: I knew a fellow like you once!

            Acualy the partsof the US with high gun ownership tend to be the parts with lots of religious extremists.

            And also the parts with high divorce rates.

            (Strange that - fundies tend to get divorced *more* than non- fundies).

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Screwing around: Rule number 1

        Only ever try it out with the girlfriends and wives of big tough looking blokes.

        The big guys punch. The small guys that use guns and knives!

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Screwing around: Rule number 1

          I believe that paedication, performed by the wronged husband, is a traditional punishment for a male adulterer. (See, for example, the Wikipedia article on "Sexuality in ancient Rome".) That might be an argument for avoiding the wives and girlfriends of a big bloke ... though the small guy might use a cucumber ...

  4. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge


    Anyone know anyone pretty enough to choose doing this?


  5. amanfromearth

    "quite successful"

    That's not the same as completely, 100% successful is it?

    1. Ralph B

      Re: "quite successful"

      I guess it means she's a tiny bit of a slapper.

    2. Ru

      Re: "quite successful"

      Ahh, one o' them 'vestigal virgins', I presume.

    3. kwhitefoot

      Re: "quite successful"

      It's probably American English where 'quite x' means 'exactly x' as opposed to English usage meaning 'barely x' or 'only just x'. At least that's what I've been told.

      If I were more certain I would have used the grammar Nazi icon.

      1. Galidron
        Thumb Up

        Re: Re: "quite successful"

        That is pretty much it on the head for American usage. Quite can easily be replaced with very unless there is sarcasm involved of course.

      2. Danny 4

        Re: Re: "quite successful"

        Don't know where you're from but in this bit of Blighty quite does mean wholly or completely. I'm pretty it's always had this meaning.

  6. amanfromearth

    fake hymens..

    Reminds me of the old joke..

    Guy: "If I knew you were a virgin I'd have taken more time"

    Girl: "If I knew you had more time I'd have taken my tights off"

  7. Some Beggar

    Only 38 years?

    I'm sure half the regular Reg readers can easily beat that.

    1. unitron

      Re: Only 38 years?

      "I'm sure half the regular Reg readers can easily beat that."

      And probably do so on a regular basis.

  8. TeeCee Gold badge


    When life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade.

    When life gives you 38 years without a shag...........

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The only people really capable of boasting the benefits of celibacy are those that aren't celibate, how can she know which is better?

    1. Just Thinking

      Re: Virginpedia

      Priests, then...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For a moment...

    ...I thought she would broadcast the LOSS of her virginity on the site, and then we'd have coverage of all the morality cryout behind it, and cease-desist orders, and forceful takedown of the site, and probably she getting arrested, and whatever. Ok, not a regular Sun copy-paste. Conservative non scandal news for a change. Carry on.

  11. IR

    I'm betting that this is more a case of "Woman with no sex drive assumes everyone is the same as her"

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I am a true virgin! she proclaims.

    But she has worn out 4,565 vibrators.....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      like it

      Lowers the tone in the correct way, but where do you get 4,565 from?

      That means 120 a year for 38 years, or 10 a month, or one every three days.

      If they wore out that quick I'd ask for my money back.

      1. unitron

        Re: like it

        "That means 120 a year for 38 years, or 10 a month, or one every three days.

        If they wore out that quick I'd ask for my money back."

        Maybe they worked so well she thought she got her money's worth out of them.

        Which brings up another band name:

        Cheap Trick.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Re: like it

          Basing that calculation on the full 38 years, is just so wrong on a certain level!

  13. asdf Silver badge

    right on

    long live those traditional Chinese values. Where starving 50 million people in the "Great" Leap Forward makes you a national hero.

  14. Rob

    I wonder if...

    ... this is a publicity campaign by the government, they aren't happy about people making babies (well at least not more than one). I reckon the odds are that China definately could be the first nation to impose a license scheme to become a parent.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I wonder if...

      It's already happened...In most areas in China (I wont say all cause there's probably a province or two that aren't like this) you need a birthing permit to stop the government from forcing you to have an abortion or fining you more than a years wage.


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