back to article Is LinkedIn preparing for a China push?

Self-styled professional social networking site LinkedIn is planning to make a move in the Chinese market, if rumours are to be believed, as it seeks to further its plans for worldwide domination. CNET China reported that founder Reid Hoffman met big name homegrown web firms Baidu,, Sina and Renren last week to discuss …


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LinkedIn - China

LinkedIn is currently used by a LOT of Chinese people, a lot of them seem to be Headhunters looking to "link" to prospective employment opportunities amongst the foreign members, but there are also plenty of high profile natives showing their skills on LinkedIn.

So, do they need a separate server ? or just a few web pages in Chinese to make it easier for natives whose English isn't quite sufficient to deal with the site ?

I live and work in Shanghai, and I'm English, the LAST thing I want is for China's DNS to steal my LinkedIn url and direct me to a site that doesn't have English pages - as they do with !!!

F*cebook and Tw*tter are blocked over here, so I really really wish people would leave off the FB and TWT links of web pages, I lose time every day just waiting for a page that links to one of them to time out ! by all means put a graphic, but not with a URL that mentions either of them !

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