back to article Apple TV stock shortage sparks new gadget rumour fever

Apple is throttling back its supply of Apple TV boxes, says 9to5Mac, suggesting that Apple is discontinuing the old product line in advance of a big launch. The launch, we assume, is Apple's hyped refreshed TV device. 9to5's source is a Best Buy employee who reckons his store is out of stock of Apple TVs for the first time in …


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  1. EyeCU


    Stop helping to drive the hype before a launch. This is why Apple get so much free advertising. If it was a launch fair enough report on it but to keep going on about something that hasn't been announced yet is just playing into the hands of the marketeers.

    1. Tiny Iota


      Maybe it’s also playing into the hands of El Reg readers who come to a tech website to read tech related news?

      1. EyeCU

        But this isn't news

        It's speculation. A quick search shows at least 5 articles already on El Reg about this subject alone. What other company gets so much free coverage about expected releases? One speculative article would have been enough and that is more than most other companies get, after that just wait until there is actually something to report on rather than generating yet more free hype for Apple.

        1. Tiny Iota

          Search on El Reg for Windows 8

          How many results? What other company etc...

          1. EyeCU

            major difference

            There have been official announcements about features and release dates from Microsoft about Windows 8 which have been reported on - this is news. Official releases about Apple TV - zero, zip, nada so nothing but speculation - this is not news.

            1. Anonymous Coward
              Anonymous Coward

              And yet here you are moaning about them, like on every other article that references Apple. Here is a ground breaking idea; stop reading articles about Apple. Ignore them completely. This will alleviate your malaise. It's not as if you are going to change anyone's opinions here anyway, what with preaching to the peanut gallery and all…

  2. carup008

    First the ipad 3 launch.......

    .....then "One more thing" for the March event.

  3. John Lewis 4

    another take on is this:

    Apple Marketing are buggering around with supply to try to provoke some more free hype fed to Credulous media news desks.

    1. Beelzebub's Granny

      No sane company would do that

      Apple are in the business of making money (pots of it), and to stop selling one of their products just to drum-up marketing hype would seem to go against that ethos.

      Mind you, this is Apple. They're not above that sort of thing.

  4. jai

    you know what they when you assume....

    > The launch, we assume, is Apple's hyped refreshed TV device.

    I thought McRumors theory was far more likely, that the short stock just points to a new version of the Apple TV external device that'll support the hi-res videos that the new iPad is apparently going to be capable of.

    IF they are going to be releasing full television sets next month, why would they be running down stock of the Apple TV unit? There's clearly two seperate markets, one are the people that'll pay many hundred of pounds/dollars on a television with the Apple TV interface running on it, and the other those who already have expensive televisions that do not need replacing just yet, who'll happily pick up a hockey-puck type device for $99 to get the same functionality. It doesn't make sense that Apple would be replacing the £99 peripheral device with a $999 lcd television.

    1. Adam Nealis
      Thumb Up

      There's clearly two seperate markets...


      Sort of an iPod nano, but the TV version.

  5. Big_Ted

    Breaking news.......

    You hear it here first.

    I have an exclusive source who is in the post room of Comet head office who has told me that the launch is in fact for the iPad 3 thats a 7 inch supper OLED screen device with a bloody big magnifying glass stand.

    You get home and just slot you iPad 3 into and and settle on thge couch and use your iPad2 as a controller.

    Better yet buy 2 of these and sit them side by side and you can get 3D for the price of a new Ford Focus......

  6. Jelliphiish


    anyone thought to look at what packaging they're ordering and in what sizes? if you're that desperate to know, look peripherally and you might find the shape in the negative space.. which is what this article is about.. and it's not rocket science to partner up with a tv-panel producer and fit the front with a nice simple cap touch fascia and a tiny interface box bonded to the main display and io ports. the pcb in an apple-tv is tiny and would fit inside any tv frame.. runs ios5-and-a-bit and sychs with all your other apple devices. If i was an apple-based-lifeform i'd be craving one also.. but i'm not.

    now as to price, half your imortal soul? that'll do nicely..

  7. Bill Fresher

    Giant iPad

    A 42" iPad would definitely fill a gap in the market. Why wouldn't anyone want one?

    I hope they include a finger extender though so that I can use it in portrait mode, some for of body harness to take the weight when I'm using it standing on the tube.

    1. Malcolm 1

      It'll certainly come in handy for reading your broadsheet newspaper in its original format.

  8. Chris D Rogers

    I'm sooo excited. NOT!

    Whatever I do, I cannot keep up with Apple releases/ refreshes.

    Todate, I do not own a iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple TV or Mac Pro - however, given the Apple TV will now support 1080i resolution, and with iPad's with ground breaking displays up to 42in, can I actually link a new Apple TV to one of the new iPads and watch TV from iTunes - I'm told band of brothers only costs £10,000, so hopefully may have a little left from my annual salary.

    On second thoughts I'll stick with my Mac Mini and dream of a 32in Apple Thunderbolt monitor - dream being the operative word.

    May all your Apple orgasms come true.

  9. Ellis Birt 1

    Come on Google, get Google TV out!

    This would be the ideal opportunity to steal Apple's thunder by launching a new, competing platform.

    1. Ed 11

      Please do correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Google TV already out?

    2. MacRat

      Google TV Failed

      Especially when the media vendors started blocking their devices.

  10. exanime
    Thumb Down

    So exciting!!!! (sarcasm)

    ... when do I get to buy my $2000-more-than-it's-worth TV so I can that Cupertino can finally tell me what to like on TV???

  11. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    Better get one then..

    AFAIK, the current Apple TV is jailbroken so you can use it as a front end for various video formats. Maybe it's a good time to get one while they're still around - a new product will take some time.

    And I do *not* want a full TV - I have one already..

  12. Gergmchairy

    Instead of jailbraking, just wait a couple of weeks and get a Raspberry PI with XBMC :-) less expensive as there's no cupertino tax!

    1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

      OK, but I actually like the Apple design (the design, not that it comes from a fruity provider). I'm also not yet sure about just how much oompf that Raspberry has, I may be wrong but from the specs I don't expect that much..

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BBC news has a photo of the new big iPad:

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