back to article Apple crushes rivals under its heel in Euro fondleslab sales

Apple saw off attempts by rivals to eat into its fondleslab market share and actually tightened its iron grip on the market across Western Europe in over the Christmas quarter. The trendy tech titan, which owned 76 per cent of sales across the region in Q3, captured 88 per cent in the final three months of last year, despite …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Send in the next iPad, iPhone, iPod - killer.

    "Google's iPad Killer Ready in 6 Months, says Eric Schmidt" (from 26/12/11) so another 3 months and the iPad's massive lead will be nixed?

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  2. teapot9999
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    The article is right in mentioning the iOS ecosystem - it is not just the hardware that appeals, it is the App Store and iTunes behind the devices that is a large part of their success. It all just works!

    1. Tony Reeves 1
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      BIG ecoSystem

      It is more than hardware, App Store and iTunes. When checking out at the supermarket I can buy a range of iTunes gift cards, but none for Andriod systems.

      1. cloudgazer

        Better yet

        You can order US iTunes cards online from the EU, so you can route around the content owners stupid geographical restrictions while still owning legitimate copies of whatever it is you're after.

      2. stuff and nonesense


        Apple makes a tablet/phone/pocket game toy set that are matched to iOS. Swipe your finger across the screen the icons scroll smoothly. It gives a "feeling" of quality missing from the 2011 tablets I have seen. (I haven't been tempted to buy a tablet of any flavour)

        The Ecosystem that Apple has developed has an air of security about it*. People trust it. People, whether they love or hate iTunes, feel comfortable buying software, music or movies.

        Software gets approved, the rights and wrongs of the policies are debatable but the "walled garden" does minimise (not eliminate-100% safety isn't possible) the risk of viruses invading the iDevices.

        The integration between iDevice, iTunes software and The App Store is tight. The purchasing of media is seamless and very easy whether bought via PC or direct to the device. It does "just work".

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tablet Market

    There is no Tablet market. There is the iPad market. The amount of people buying non iPad tablets looks like a rounding error

  4. studentrights

    Sales or Sold?

    Apple only reports sold to customers and everyone reports sales into the channel. So Apple is easily in the 90 percentile. Meaning their is no tablet market, just the iPod, err, iPad market.

    By summer it will be game over. Google is too late. They will never be able to match price anyway.

    1. cloudgazer

      common misconception

      Apple reports both. They report shipped numbers, but then they include channel inventory numbers in the conference call. Since their inventory is invariably tight, shipped=sold. For instance in the last quarter sold iPad was actually 200k units higher than shipped.

  5. Volker Hett

    Sony seems to be on the right track now, they don't advertise the tablet, they advertise Sony Entertainment WITH the tablet, at least in german TV now.

  6. Bodhi

    I woukd agree with this, I've recently purchased a Tablet S and as an "out of the box" experience it violates the iPad in ways that aren;t strictly legal.....smooth and responsive hardware, beautiful ergonomics, a bloody useful remote control and some PlayStation games thrown in, with a shedload of extra content thrown in for free using Sony's contacts in the media industry.....


    As soon as you dip into the Android market it falls apart a bit, as the Android tablet apps are nowhere near as well developed as the Apple ones. Luckily the stuff that comes as standard with the Tablet S will keep me amused for long enough for ICS to be well adopted and developers to start running with it, but it does take the shine off one's new purchase. I think the Android Tablet Ecosystem will start to develop and within the year will be up with the iPad offering, its just a bit painful waiting for it,

  7. D2G


    From what the Kindle Fire has shown, Apple will not rule the tablet market forever.. People are willing to ditch apple for less expensive alternatives. Android is pushing ahead of iOS in every way, and now its Apple trying to borrow from Android for new features. ICS is a huge leap forward. Android will do eventually conquer the tablet market, just like it is doing to phones.

    1. a_been

      Keep telling yourself that

      Android killed of winmobile, symbia and JavaME the dominate smartphone OS's. Nokia alone had over 50% of the smartphone market in 2007. What we have seen is the paid for OS's been replaced by an almost free OS with no effect on IOS's growth. As for tablets, well thats been a costly joke for Android with the kindle fire showing the best way to sell an Android tablet is to rip out all the Android stuff and sell it as a loss leader.

  8. A n o n y m o u s

    People buy the Kindle Fire as a colour upgrade to the basic Kindle - it's just so 'not' an iPad. I recon a lot of Kindle Fire sales will be lost Kindle sales not lose iPad sales.

  9. A n o n y m o u s

    Probably the best selling 'Android' tablet is the Kindle Fire yet most people do not know or care it runs on Android as Amazon have stripped it to the core and put their own software on there - it may as be running AmazonOS for what most people would care.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Android will do eventually conquer the tablet market, just like it is doing to phones."

    Deluded. Do you work for Google?

    If you want to harp on about how good it is to sell a small proportion of tablets running Android, when most people do not know nay care it runs Android, when the highest volume (Kindle Fire) is sold at a loss - yeah you get on with it. Cuckoo-cuckoo.

    Even if you hate Apple you can't deny the iPad is a spectacular success.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Dominance will remain for some time

    About the only *killer* to Apple's dominance would be a *serious* price point difference and the only player capable of cutting the price to a dramatic degree has already played their hand - Amazon.

    If I take my office environment as a Bellwether there's maybe 5% natter about Android tablets, with the rest going to iPads. In the last 3 months, 5 people have bought them.

    The demographic here is skilled, intelligent, 30+

    It's a no-brainer right now, Apple have produced the absolute killer device for all but the die-hard DIY geek.

    I get that DIY Geek stance - the lack of openness, the e co-system tie-ins - and also the initial 'What's it for?' complaints from a couple of years back which now seem rather silly - I was one of those 'what's it for?' naysayers - it seems I was probably wrong.

    I don't have a tablet device myself, but that doesn't stop me witnessing many people really getting a LOT out of their iPads - they love the damn things, "out of my cold dead hands" springs to mind.

    All of my personnel thoughts and predications about the uptake of Tablets have been short of the mark, close, but no cigar - Android devices simply haven't made any significant dent in the market AND tablets seem to have reached a point where they will outlast the 'netbook' craze and become a real long-term form factor contender.

    If I had a choice of a tablet, there would be two - the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime or an iPad.

    You know what? I'd probably go for the iPad - fuck my geek 'too cool for school' 'this should be open' sensibilities - it's a damn fine bit of kit.

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