back to article Oracle inhales Taleo for $1.9bn

Only two months ago, Taleo, the seller of online talent management software, was saying that it intended to remain independent despite the cloud software feeding frenzy. But today, Larry Ellison, CEO and co-founder of Oracle, made Taleo CEO Mike Gregoire an offer he couldn't refuse: $1.9bn. That price, net of cash and debts, …


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Cue mass exodus from Taleo before Larry bankrupts the customers

Yes, I can say "Sun Microsystems" I can also say "You have 12 months to get everything we have off Solaris" as most sysadmins were told. When even banks are terrified of what will happen to the annual cost when Larry the Vampire gets his fangs into them you know the price gouging is bad.

So now we get to watch 200 major companies decide if they are still able to migrate off this platform before the prices go all Oracle and if not decide whether they should just file Chapter 11 now rather than wait for the invoice from Oracle.

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Emperor's new clothes

Smart buck, that Mr Mike Gregoire.

Another case of lipstick on the pig. By coincidence, I've just been browsing Taleo's branded recruitment service site for megaglobal IT company. After entering my location as specifically as possible, to my city, I still got 96 search returns some of which are 2 countries and 2 wide stretches of sea away from me.

Accurate stuff that Taleo.

And don't give me "garbage in, garbage out" - it should be idiot proof for the doots in HR to get the accurate info loaded.


Sun connection eh?

If you look at the board of directors, you'll find somewhat more significant connection than what's alluded to in this article.


Larry and Oracle are minted cos...

Of clever / good business with a compelling argument. Not compassion. Finding both in a company's atittude and ethics is rare. Sounds a bit like Apple, but people convert TO their format not FROM it from what I've seen...

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