back to article EMC server flash rival slams VFCache

EMC's VFCache server cache doesn't quite hit the mark. Although it validates server flash use, caching is not enough. That's the view of Fusion-io chairman, CEO and co-founder David Flynn. Fusion-io leads the server PCIe flash market and its boss appears to think EMC's approach misses the target. Flynn said he welcomed the …


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Fusion-IO model impractical in the enterprise

Unless it has a way to perform real time mirroring to another server's flash you risk losing access to your data when a server goes down. With the data on an array another server can quickly pick up the task being performed by the downed server.

The Fusion-IO model means when a server goes down, you need to send an knowledgeable tech into the datacenter to quickly triage the problem and determine if the best course is to get the downed server up and running again, or yank the flash card out of the dead server and put it into another one. So much for the movement towards the lights out datacenter! We left behind the worries about stranded storage when we adopted SANs, and the worries about downed hardware were left behind with clustering and now virtualization. Apparently they want to turn back the clock.


Kaminario's response to EMC's announcement

Kaminario, a proud Fusion-io partner, has blogged about the EMC announcement discussed in this article.

We invite you to read and comment on it at

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