back to article iiNet swallows Internode a month early

iiNet has announced that its acquisition of Internode has been completed a month ahead of schedule. The $AU105 million purchase first announced in December was subject to “administrative conditions” which iiNet says have “now been satisfied” (suggesting, perhaps, that the usual business of trying to work out whether a company’ …


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Speaking only for myself...

"iiNet CEO Michael Malone says the acquisition has been “well received” both by Internode’s customers and its staff."

I can't speak for internode staff, but as a lot of Internode's customers have stated, if they'd wanted to be with iiNet, they would have chosen to be. I picked 'Node over iiNet for a reason, and I just hope they can remain different for as long as possible.

Thanks MM, but I didn't want to be iiBorged. Nervous times ahead...

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