back to article Laptops get cooler with bamboo bottoms

"What we do with an old bamboo makes everybody cheer," sang Caractacus Potts, who would no doubt be impressed at what fellow inventors use the material for nowadays. These new laptop coolers from Zignum are crafted entirely from the fast-growing plant, right down to the built-in fans themselves. The Bamboo One and Bamboo Two …


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Ugly and unnecessary: capitalism as cancer.


wish it was unnecessary...

Not disaggreeing that capitalism is a cancer, though second to the cancer of the fiat money system.

But what makes these necessary is the often insufficient or overly loud cooling systems in laptops.

If every laptop was cooled like an Asus G74, I agree, we would not need these pads.

But a load of laptops come with under specified or just poorly designed cooling systems that are desparate for some help.

If you happen to live in a hot climate, you'll end up with your laptop frequently shutting down or simply crashing from over heat. In addition, you'll have the tiny internal fan scream away at max RPM, making it unpleasant to work with, even if its just barely not overheating.

Since I picked up a cheap plastic version of whats shown here, I could work in near silence, cause my laptop's cooling didn't have to struggle anymore.

Its annoying enough to require something thats about the same size of the laptop itself, just to work normally, but I guess that's where the faster-slimmer design doctrine has gotten us.

So, it would be right to complain about the 'make-it-thinner' design trend, rather than a fairly decent solution to the problems.


Thats Wrong my ol' china!!

While you have cited a character who was also played by the man who sung the The Old Bamboo (Dick Van Dyke) the song was sung by Bert in Mary Poppins not by Caractacus Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


Oops FAIL!! Got it wrong - Wikipedia clearly says it was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Apologies to all!!

This topic is closed for new posts.


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