back to article Group buying stalls in Asia

The Asia Pacific group buying market is in consolidation mode due to intense competition, according to a new report from Daily Deal Media. According to the new report 798 daily deal sites shut down globally in the second half of 2011. In Asia the contraction was profound with 1,348 Asian daily deal sites swithcing to becoming …


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Anonymous Coward

Set the wayback machine to

Set the wayback machine to 2000 or so.

Anytime just before collapsed will do.

Although was more about group buying than daily Groupon-style deals. 29 Dec 2000

"European web retailer has filed for a suspension of its debt payments and suspended trading in its shares. is the latest web retailer to run into financial trouble this year. The firm's business model is unique, though, allowing shoppers to "co-buy" - i.e. make joint purchases - in order to qualify for bulk discounts.

Launched in April 1999 in Sweden, the company now operates in 14 countries and 12 languages in Western Europe. continues to make losses, and hopes that an extra 80m euros ($74m, £50m) will enable it to survive until it reaches profitability.


And the rest, obviously, is history.

As reported also right here on El Reg:

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See also: Kim Schmitz.

Anonymous Coward

re: 'See also: Kim Schmitz'

That's Kim Schmitz, aka Kim Dotcom, aka founder of MegaUpload, soon to be Kim Schmitz formerly of a nice mansion in New Zealand.

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