back to article Rara and Rdio take on Aus music industry

The Australian radio industry is enjoying an international invasion of digital music streaming upstarts, with the launch of Omnifone backed and the music project from the Skype founding crew, Rdio. As revealed by El Reg in November, a slew of digital radio outfits were hitching rides down under, with Spotify hiring …


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Anonymous Coward


What exactly is the value proposition here??

Why would I pay upwards of $8 a month to access content that I can already get (legally) for free through a multitude of free streaming services???

The main pitch seems to be the ability to access it wherever you are, but the streaming services can also be used anywhere.

In my job I come in to contact with a wide variety of people, and I can't say I know anyone that would be willing to pay for a service like this... Although I'm sure they wouldn't be investing in this idea if they hadn't at least done some market research.

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