back to article Asus tackles Eee Transformer Prime tablet GPS woes

Asus has begun rolling out a firmware update for its Eee Pad Transformer Prime that some owners are suggesting goes some way to solve the tablet's GPS problems. Meanwhile, British Prime owners are being offered an extended warranty period in case they're troubled by ongoing GPS issues - or are struck by newly emerged Wi-Fi …


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  1. Dotter

    Root access

    The patches always remove root access on this device. It can always be rerooted or Voodoo RootKeeper can be installed and that makes the process a bit less painful.

  2. launcap Silver badge

    Maybe they are just holding it wrong..

    To quote some famous words..


  3. JeffyPooh Silver badge

    RIM PB - GPS is poor there too...

    Forum advice seems to be to stand outside in a field with no trees (only very short grass, not more than an inch tall), holding the PB over one's head for an hour or two until it finally finds the constellation. Repeat with each use.

    I see a trend with tablet GPSs.

  4. Squiggle

    Odd ...

    ... I've neither GPS or WiFi issues. Guess I'm either lucky or the problem isn't as widespread as some believe.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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