back to article News Ltd gets deeper into Arabia

News Corp has further embedded itself in the Middle East media market taking a strategic stake in Dubai-based media, content and technology player, the Moby Group. Under the deal the Murdoch’s will hand over their 50 percent stake in Dubai-based Broadcast Middle East (BME), which is a joint venture between News Corporation and …


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What is the Farsi for "change your voicemail passcode"?

Just when the Arab spring promised to bring some freedom and democracy to the region along comes evil old Rupe to make sure that can't happen. Hang on to your voicemail lads because CrimeInternational is here to turn you into tabloid fodder and get into bed with your new "democracies" to make sure you can't ever rebel against your new corporate dictators.

Now wait for the lobbying for new laws to ensure that if you copy a news corp article you get your fingers chopped off....

Evil bloodsucking parasites.

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