back to article Opera's new store beams HTML5 apps into tellies

Opera Software is making a play for turning your TV into a window-on-the-web with the announcement of Opera TV Store. The browser maker's unveiled e-shop will flog HTML5 apps that you can use from your TV. The idea is to make it possible to access web content and apps using your existing HD-TV and remote controls, without …


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Would certainly consider an Opera interface over an Ubunty Unity interface

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Sounds like a plan...

Web on TV should be easy if that's all you want.

Having experienced the joys of the PS3's browser, I would much rather trust an established browser than a manufacturer's kludge to deliver browsing that just works.

And I would rather have just the browser added than have a distro's, Apple** or Google's grand designs muck with a simple TV.

Go Opera*

* I use FF myself, but I don't know that they would deliver what is essentially an embedded browser successfully. Getting FF its required 400 MB RAM fix on a telly would be a bit over the top ;-)

** Apple's non-support of Blu-Ray is tediously limiting, childish and one of the few serious gripes I have with them.



If it means buying a new tellybox then forget it. TV years are pretty much the same as dog years - my old CRT job died aged 16 about a year ago.

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