back to article Microsoft's veteran server and tools chief punches eject

The veteran running the business side of Microsoft's Windows server and tools software is leaving after 16 years. WAHBE Robert Wah(na)be out of Redmond...Pic from Corporate vice president Robert Wahbe is leaving Microsoft at the end of next month, according to an updated version of his corporate biography …


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News through deduction

While we can't easily tell the reasoning behind it there are some signals to look out for which could give us clues as to what is really going on.

For example; if there are any damaged walls in the directors offices then its safe to assume that there maybe a little friction with the company here and there when it comes to this.

Another thing to look out for are flying chairs; if chairs have been spotted to be thrown out of the windows of the Redmond building then there's a good chance that Google is involved.

Then again, perhaps its better to simply wait for an official statement instead.

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It's simply not the place to be any more. All of the innovation and cool stuff is happening at Google, Apple and other places.

Anonymous Coward

You almost make it sound like...

... there was a time when it _was_ the place to be for innovation and cool stuff.

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