back to article CES outing for 'world's thinnest' tablet, Ultrabook, says Toshiba

Toshiba, for one, seems keen to continue offering netbooks in spite of the rise of the tablet - it's going to show off a new model at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Dell and Samsung may be exiting the netbook biz - possibly prematurely, since netbook shipments actually went up during 2011 - but Toshiba is sticking in and …


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Rounded corners............

And that connector looks very familiar

I can see the appl lawyers just slobbering all over those tablets!

Anonymous Coward

Again: who cares about thin?

Seriously, who cares about how thin a 10 inch tablet is? The thing that makes it difficult to carry is the width and height, not the thickness - that and having to carry around the charger because the battery life sucks, because the battery is too small, because a bigger battery would make the device (gasp!) thicker!

Double the thickness and give me more battery, damnit! Better still, give me TWO batteries and the ability to change them out one at a time, without having to power down.

Silver badge

Yet another netbook...

...practically identical to a two year old one - why no progress in this sector?

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