back to article 'You have to worry about the management of Twitter'

This was the week in which we learned that the techie surprise at the bottom of many, many Brits' Christmas stockings was some form of Amazon Kindle, if you believe pollster YouGov. Google was very much back at work and back to business, leaving the holiday spirit behind as it prepared for round one million and one of its …


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Wendi Deng Murdoch ... a "very noted personality"?

Anybody care to explain what she did to get this epithet? Apart from marrying Rupert?

What next... Mrs Giggs a "Celebrity"...

...oh... hang on...


Had the article not pointed out that she was the wife of the dirty digger I would have not have a clue who she was. So wife of a very noted personality, yes. Celebrity in her own right, no.


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No, thank you for the invitation el reg.

But I have far more ponderous events to worry over and twitter - well even the time taken to compose this message is far too vast an ocean of indulgence?

Anonymous Coward

Information about orbit changes is being provided for all the parties concerned.

That would be everybody on earth then if it is likely to change so unpredicatably? I look forward to something in my email!

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