back to article Punters flocked to all-in-one desktops in 2011

The all-in-one desktop PC market is booming, with world sales up 39 per cent during 2011. Some 14.5m of the screen-centric machines shipping during the past 12 months, market watcher DisplaySearch said this week. It reckons the total will top 23.3m all-in-ones by 2014. A third of the machines that shipped in 2011 were Apple …


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  1. fandom Silver badge

    Screen size

    Like the mentioned 27" HP monster, PC makers seem bent on making bigger and bigger screens, doesn't anyone make an all-in-one smaller than 20"?

    Reminds me of the way laptops got ever bigger screens until someone asked "Wouldn't it be nice if laptops were actually portable?" and netbooks were created.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "an all-in-one smaller than 20"?"

      that would be a laptop...

  2. Mondo the Magnificent
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    The uncluttered option?

    It makes sense, an all in one is a tidier as well as more aesthetically appealing option for some home users. As the Lenovo and HP options are punted as Media Systems it's a logical alternative to buying the kids (or household) a second TV and PC. Two birds, one stone.

    I think the swing towards this trend is that all in one systems are thinner and better looking than the predecessors of circa 5 years back.

    1. /dev/null
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      It also makes sense because the traditional bulky AT/ATX desktop/minitower enclosure is overkill for most home users - the only real use they have for expansion slots these days is to let hardcore gamers to plug in a monster graphics card (or should that be "brick"?) of their choosing. Makes more sense to use laptop-style packaging to minimise form factor, rather than give the user a bunch of PCI-e slots they're never going to use. Surprised it's taken this long actually.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Until bigger doesn't mean better, and in the realms of CPUs and GPUs limited by the laws of thermodynamics then that is never going to be the case, then there will always be a market for ATX sized machines.

  3. spegru

    I think we can see the future

    Desktops replaced by TVs (with PCs inside - obvious next step from these all in ones)

    Small Laptops replaced by Tablets

    Large laptops replaced by Cloudy TVs (as above)

    Why would anyone want to carry a heavy laptop or be tied to a desk?

    Will there be any room in future markets for traditional PCs?

    1. AceRimmer

      Why would anyone want to carry a heavy laptop or be tied to a desk?

      Because they need the power to run cpu, ram and disk intensive applications on or off line and in the case of laptops in different locations.

    2. Andrew Kemp

      "Will there be any room in future markets for traditional PCs?"

      Oh god, not that one again...

  4. Deft

    I gave in

    Bought myself a Dell Inspiron 2320 a few months ago, so guess I am one of the stats. Apart from the slightly tinny speakers and plasticy feeling casing it's nice to get rid of a tower and have some space back. I would have liked a Lenovo but couldn't really find stock or options anywhere properly in the UK. I almost thought about getting an iMac to run Windows but that was a stretch (and about 1K) too far.

    1. Snapper


      You made the wrong decision then, didn't you?

  5. CollyWolly
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    "A third of the machines that shipped in 2011 were Apple iMacs, with the remainder being divided between Lenovo and HP."

    So a third each, or did someone other than Apple gain more than a third market share?

  6. This Side Up

    All in one?

    If you ignore the keyboard, mouse, power supply,...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pah. You can prise (with some help) my behemoth of a full tower from my cold dead hands, it's 6 cores and 32GB of doom run my rendering apps very nicely thanks and play BF3 and Skyrim buttery smooth...

  8. bad boy

    my pc

    just bought this PC a few weeks ago like to see an all in one keep up with that bad boy

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