back to article Civil society NGOs under threat, says Access

Attacks on the freedom-of-speech community worldwide seemed to grow in 2011, according to umbrella organization Access. The group, whose members include civil society NGOs around the world, says the security and “cyber warfare” skills available to activists don’t match the skills available to their attackers – whether they are …


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Black Helicopters

NGOs at risk...

.. are often put there by their accepting the support/funding of foreign national governments whose motives are, shall we say, less than altruistic. Sad but true.


Some NGOs

do themselves no favours. Like Privacy International & Simon Davies/Gos Hosein and their commercial firtation with Phorm.

Sad to find that even the accessnow has third party content sourced from Google, Youtube, and Amazon AWS.


Puzzled by this

Either your mission as a NGO includes the need for a pervasive web presence or it doesnt.

Once you decided on that then you have the grounds for a cost/benefit analysis to pay to develop the robust presence your mission deserves or to allocate funds to another area of concern.

Regardless of an NGO's function they have to operate in a business-like manner to ensure they exist long enough to do some good. This applies not just to their internet presence but to everything they do.

Beggaring yourself to help your needy cause over the short term just doesnt make sense no matter how much compassion and empathy urges you to do so.

Sad but true.

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