back to article China's new year's resolution: Build a flash fab

China has no hard disk drive, DRAM and flash memory production facilities of its own – but that could change. The Asian nation digs up the rare earths used to make components in the world's HDDs, and firms including Huawei and UIT make servers and storage arrays that use disk drives, DRAM and flash memory. However China has no …


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Playing with fire

Any western and east Asian countries would be playing with fire setting up in china.

Afaik it would be nearly impossible to separate the valuable design ip from the commodity (in comparison) manufacturing.

Therefore giving the Chinese license to hoover up and reuse the design IP on its own.

One wonders with their obsession with short term "share holder value" aka profits how many firms will ignore this reality and hurt themselves over the long term.

Chinese Technological parity (then leadership)is close to being inevitable but one wonders if hastening the arrival of that day is all together wise.

On the other hand - the current incumbents in the western world have not shown any good reason why they deserve to keep their current lead - particularly when you look at the current messes half their economies are in.

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