back to article Lumia sales fail to set world alight

Nokia's Lumia handset is barely shifting at all, according to figures from consumer price-comparison site Mobiles Please, though it still manages to be the best selling Windows Phone. Mobiles Please bases the stats on more than 5,000 sales across its family of sites during November, and finds that the Nokia Lumia 800 made up …


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  1. Robert E A Harvey

    And not all sales are to people who want them. I recently worked with people from a huge Swedish multi-national who have all been given Lumia, [1] and who are all trying to give them back. One chap has had 3 fail in a month.

    Now while there will be equally unwilling users of other brands, I doubt whether most Galaxy users are not volunteers.

    [1] I assume the plural of Lumia is Lumia?

    1. Rhyd

      Fail indeed

      I know someone who had 3 fail in a week - first with poor call quality and volume buttons not working, then the replacement wouldn't charge and the third one wouldn't even turn on.

      As for selling well into the enterprise market, I doubt it as there's still no VPN (not that Android fares much better on the VPN front).

      1. ElNumbre
        Thumb Up

        Android VPNs

        Not really a mass-market solution, but a rooted Android will allow for an OpenVPN client which works rather nicely.

      2. Martin Lyne

        Is that Rhyd from CS by the way? If so, alright mate! If not.. I er, hope you're having a lovely day.

      3. Matthew 3

        Android and VPN

        Maybe VPN is a factor in its popularity - the Galaxy S2 works beautifully with my work VPN. I gather that most Android clients don't support Xauth.

        Cisco's AnyConnect VPN client works '...for Samsung or rooted devices'.

      4. big_D Silver badge

        Same goes for the iPhone 4...

        We had one user get through 4 iPhone 4s (plural, not 4S) in May and June. Crap call quality, dead batteries, poor WiFi (under 2M) and BlueTooth reception (under 10cm).

        I'm no fan of the Lumina, but Nokia aren't the only ones with quality control problems.

        I think, from the 5 iPhone users we had last year, we have had 8 replacement 3GS phones and now the 4 iPhone 4 phones.

        Okay, that is only anecdotal, not representative of the whole production run, but it is "funny", that such a large number of dud phones turn up over the period of a year in one organisation.

        I think one of our "big" problems with the iPhone was one user who actually uses it as a phone, with up to 4 hours talk time a day. The iPhones don't seem to like that sort of "abuse", they much rather sit in the pocket and do the odd bit of surfing or Angry Birds, but they seem to really hate being used to make calls!

        1. A 31

          had iphone, 3g, and 4, never replaced a single one ... nor have had heard anyone with any issues

          I am no fanboy, but flamin heck, you don't half stick the boot in fo a produc, I and all the others I know must have been dead lucky.

          Feeling sorry for Nokia at the moment I must say,their products aren't that bad at all, but I think they can't be disruptive enough or add something new to the market to differenciate themselves properly.

    2. Ru

      Plural of Lumia?

      Lumiae would work; it has an appropriate faux-latin feel.

      1. Thomas 4


        For something called a Lumia, based on these sales I wouldn't be using one to keep grues at bay.

      2. Levente Szileszky
        Thumb Up


        ...but unless we switch to Latin we should stick to Lumias, I think. :)

      3. Charles Manning

        I thought Lumia was already a plural

        of lemon.

        1. maldido gringo

          That's exactly what it means in sicilian dialect

    3. Tom 7 Silver badge

      The pural of Lumia

      is 'accidental over-order' or typo.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        A Swedish multinational buying Finish phones?

        1. Robert E A Harvey

          @AC 12:44

          to be fair, of the 3 lads I was working with two have now got their old blackberries back, and the third is using his privately owned iPhone with the company sim in it.

        2. cordwainer 1

          Not so

          You mean a Swedish multinational buying un-Fine phones - even Finish is too complimentary.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "[1] I assume the plural of Lumia is Lumia?"

      Perhaps in this case the plural of Lumia is 'shit'.

  2. JDX Gold badge

    I though MS were going to be pushing these phones super-hard in the shops... but walking down the highstreet past Orange, Phones4You and another big chain, none were prominently displaying "come try the new Lumia" posters - if they were I'd have gone in to take a look.

    I also haven't seen a single TV ad for Windows Phone 7[.5] - where is the massive marketing campaign MS need to get the ball rolling?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Living under a rock?

      I've seen several variations of WP adverts on the telly, many many times, even to the point I can't get the music out of my head now - where the hell have you been?

      1. GeorgeTuk


        I haven't noticed them. Maybe we have seen them but not clocked it which is a bit of a shame but then MS never been the best at adverts other than Win 95.

        1. Robert E A Harvey


          I've seen 2 WP7 adverts this year on UK telly, and several instances of the annoying one about dad & son both using W7 laptops.

          I've seen loads of adverts at airports for iThings & Galaxy things. Not one for W7 or WP7 (Or playbook for that matter)

      2. Levente Szileszky

        Not over here... the US; the only one I recall noticing during the past year or two the one in I recognized the streets of my native city Budapest (at least some scenes were shot there.)

      3. The First Dave

        I guess that like me, he prefers BBC to ITV these days?

    2. Mentalfloss

      Here in the states...

      Here in the States MS has adverts all over. Radio, the tele, posters in the shops. But still, nobody wants these junk phones. Even the non-techies not aware of the MS issues with Win7 phones just don't like them.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I have noticed a couple of Win Phone TV ads on US TV, but they are VERY easy to miss.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder why?

    Because It's a nice phone but killed, by a lame, OS. The only way they could sell some is if someone unlocked the bootloader to run android

    1. lumpaywk

      The OS rocks Android is slow and cluncky and ios is boreing. WP7.5 isnt selling to great but hay that means when people see my phone they are still wowed and i like that. Its the bad sales people that ruin it and this whole if its not android its rubbish. I love android but its not a great OS hardly anyone that uses it has any clue about what it can do they just hear from brain dead idiots that if its not android its rubbish. WP7.5 will have its day and even if not i am happy to have something unique that beats the crap out of other phones. Reminds me of my Zune that nobody here in the uk knows cos its not sold here but it smashed ipods out the water.

      1. hplasm Silver badge

        So both the Zune

        and the Lumia are good as hammers?

        ps- there may be an exotic gas leak in your room. I'd have it checked out...

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        How did Zune smash iPods out the water? You must have missed the part about Zune being discontinued because few people bought them.

    2. Stuart 22

      Farewell my lovely ...

      I too lament the Windows decision. It was an admission of defeat. Sure, going with Android would level the playing field against their competitors. But Samsung rose to the top by out engineering and outhinking HTC and is now head to head with Apple - a remarkable achievement and still charging premium prices.

      Clearly the CEO had no confidence that Nokia could outengineer Samsung. Which is deny Nokias historical mobile success when they just produced something much better than Motorola and the other kings of that time (OS didn't figure - it was almost non existent). That's the towel being thrown in. Hiding behind Microsoft's skirts won't offer any long term protection.

      To take Android, refine it in great kit and, having built success, to fork it into something they (not Google or Microsoft) control was a risky way to a great future. Instead they chose a slow journey to inevitable death.

      Farewell ...

      1. Levente Szileszky

        RE: Farewell...

        I always said Nokia should have bought WebOS - a match made in heaven, provided they fired those sorry@ss incompetent managers who let 4000-5000 devs sitting on their project 2-3 longer than planned.

        But then again, WQebOS went to HP where a glorified software sales guy , after being kicked out of his previous job, has failed to recognize the point in the mobile market and with one master announcement almost sank the ship. And this is where we are done with our full circle: it was quite similarl to Nokia's ex-MS Trojan horse beancounter-in-chief Elop who wiped out over one-third of Nokia in few days, writing down its entire IP in Symbian and linux.

        2011 was the unbelievably clueless, uber-incompetent bungler CEO year...

  4. bdam

    This is sooo sweet

    Hey Microsoft - hows it feel to have done to you in mobile what you did to the rest of the desktop industry? Actually that's not an accurate comparison, because they have less market share in mobile than Linux had on the desktop even when they were at their peak. And, oh dear, its only gonna get worse. At last everyone is realising people only went with Microsoft when they had no (realistic) choice. The instant they do, figures like their 0.17% market share arise.

    Still, the Android $5 extortion is doing well - it may even carry them through the coming car wreck of Windows 8.

    1. Luther Blissett

      +1 what goes around, comes around

      M$ could learn something from history. Besides Linux. think OS/.2. think BEOS. Think VirtualBox. If you want to establish an OS, you have to give it away.

      But is there a thought in Seattle (when a tree falls etc)?

      1. Anonymous Coward


        ...didn't think iOS was a free give away and that seems to be doing ok.

        Come to think of it, neither were most mainfram OS that ruled the roost in the 60's/70's/80's,

        Oh last time I checked the worls largest operating system (Windows) wasn't free either.

      2. Shannon Jacobs

        Microsoft does NOT give away the OS

        Microsoft simply removes the customer from the point of sale. Apple is now succeeding by doing a variation of the same thing, but the part that pisses me off more about Microsoft is that you often find yourself unable to buy a computer that doesn't have Microsoft Office on it. I think the last time I actually had a choice to do so and bought a piece of Microsoft software was about 10 years ago... I've used a lot of Microsoft since then, but not because I had a choice.

        Then again, Linux doesn't have any viable economic model. I had high hopes for Ubuntu and still use it a bit, but it peaked a couple of years ago and is just drifting down now. Windows Vista was an opportunity that will not come again, sadly.

        For what little it is worth, here is an alternative economic model that could be used for OSS:

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Who's Mobiles Please. Never heard of them, looks like some dodgy establisment from birmingham.

    Lumia is at the top sellers for vodafone & 3 where they actually publish their top selling phones. orange doesn't. How much difference there is between the top seller and the 4th best I don't know, but Lumia has 4.6/5 from more than 30 reviews when I last checked. That's a few happy customers.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Microsoft viral marketing to the rescue

      put a positive spin on bad news from an AC account...

      For sure this post originated from Reading/Redmond or Finland?

      The only people saying good things about Lumia are those that are paid to do so.

      1. GeorgeTuk

        Man, what a cynical view of the world you have.

        Maybe some people do actually like them, have you thought about that?

        1. ratfox Silver badge

          Lumia top-selling phone?

          [citation needed]

        2. fishman


          It's possible, but Microsoft is well known for their astroturfing.

        3. hplasm Silver badge

          Maybe some people do actually like them.

          Just not very many people.

    2. Avatar of They Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Marketing 101

      If a phone isn't shifting, say it is the hottest phone on your own webstie and Voila, people buy it.

      You can't believe everything that comes as advertising or marketing.

      Personally I turned away from Nokia after their constant changing of minds over the N900, linux, symbian etc. No wonder a lot of techy and knowledgeable people buy elsewhere, until Nokia know what they are doing, how will anyone trust them.

      And WP is pants on all fronts, most people and reviews are all Apple versus Android, WP doesn't really get a look in. So only natural people steer clear.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    It sounds right

    Here they (Nokia) set up a huge display/booth in the middle of the entrance of the Media World shop. Always empty. The Samsung booth, almost hidden at the far right, is always full. Seems like even the typical adolescents that fill the shop won't touch windows phone...

    1. P Saunders

      windows is their father's OS

      To the youf, windows is something their parents use. It's all about bling and status with mobiles and WP has neither.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Finlandian Blue

    For some reason this doesn't surprise me the tiniest bit. It means that the once giant and that other seen-as-a-giant together now have, er, next to no impact combined. Apparently you *can* leverage... whatever it is their respective management structures are made of. Resulting in the industry's finest failure to sway the market. Not entirely surprising since the espoonians used to define themselves as the anti-redmond. The resulting implosion sure is impressive.

    On an unrelated note, I've always disliked the blue for boys and pink for girls distinction. Turns out that back in the fifties it was pink for boys and blue for girls. Ah, how things change. Though not always for the better. Why should things be colour-coded by gender that have no inherent relation to gender?

    1. Mike Street

      Not so..

      I was alive in the 50s and I can tell you that blue & pink were the same way round then. I think it was much earlier that they swapped.

      You're right about the the two management structures though...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Apparently I misremembered that.

        "The current pink for girls and blue for boys wasn't uniform until the 1950's [in the US]."* plus a few references to advice to the contrary around WWI as pink, a paler red, being stronger than (a paler) blue. In that respect quite interesting to get, post WWII, Rosie the Riveter back to being Suzie Homemaker using admonishments to wear... pink.

        The colour coding itself appears to've been actively encouraged to foster more sales. Predictable.


  8. Paul Shirley

    last weeks pr

    Only a week since nokia tried to push it fir the people bored with iphone and android. Exactly the market sector covered by this survey!

  9. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Not long to go

    Not long to go before Microsoft buys Nokia at a bargain basement price and gets all their IP and patents.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Of course

      We all know that's the end-game plan.

      Stick a handful of "ex" Microsoft bods in key places, make disastrous decisions to destroy the already lame Nokia, and then buy them up when the price is rock bottom..

      Like Pirates boarding a stricken ship.


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