back to article Amazon, MS and Nokia sniff around RIM

Buyers including Amazon, Microsoft and Nokia have expressed some interest in hoovering up the remains of Research in Motion, as it reeled from one disaster to another this year. But the Canadian firm is determined to sort itself out, people with knowledge of the situation told Reuters. Etail giant Amazon hired an investment …


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  1. Arthur Kater :-D ☺

    RIM -> RIP

  2. Thomas 4

    Ooo, I know!

    HP could buy them out, make a pretty decent tablet, price it at a ridiculously high price, whine when no-one buys it, shitcan the whole operation and look surprised when everyone buys it in the ensuing firesale!

  3. John Styles

    Pass me the popcorn

    I think we will need some laughs in 2012. This could be it... The idea of Microsoft and Nokia owning platforms 3 and 4 in a field of 2, and then with the razor-sharp focus and ability to execute on plans in the platform arena for which both companies are justly famed (particularly Nokia with its experience with Symbian, Maemo, Systems 40, 60, 80, Hildon, QT, OldUncleTomCobbleyAndAll etc.) then having to come up with a plausible story and strategy for merging, or not WinPho and whatever RIM were allowed to call theirs after they weren't allowed to use the name they wanted, will be a joy to hold. And of course Microsoft would have to embrace Java so there is an Oracle vs Microsoft issue.

    Should keep us going until the Mayan apocolypse nicely.

  4. Mike Brown

    $12 a share?

    that might be worth a punt. RIM will either get there shit together (unlikely, but look at apple) or they will be purchased for a tidy sum, putting the share price up.

  5. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    They are going through a rough patch. The last thing they need is Nokia helping out!

    Also god only knows what Orlowski would make of it; he'd have a corronory!

  6. Craig Vaughton

    What if...

    I'd really laugh if Apple bought them (guess have a few $ spare down the back of sofa somewhere without touching their cash pile). Can you imagine the lawyer feeding frenzy with all the IP lawsuits that could doubtless generate?

    It'd be the only way they'd get into some corporate businesses as well!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is all about patents, folks!

    Enough said.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3 x failures added together =

    1 giant failure.

  9. BitDr

    Overpriced kit...

    Trolling through the tablet section of a Big Box retail operation the problem with RIM's playbook jbecame obvious. The retail price for the 32 GB version of the dimunitive QNX based tablet is $699.00. The 32 GB Android equivalents are $399-$499.

    Little wonder Playbooks are not selling.

  10. P. Lee Silver badge

    Worth the client base to MS?

    I would have thought that MS would have the most to gain here given the corporate email base.

    Though it may end up like hotmail. By the time all the conversion to MS software has taken place, everyone has left.

    However, I think the bb model of taking all traffic is flawed. As we've seen, a small issue can take out all access and makes you a target as a government snooping point.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A joint bid from Microsoft and Nokia?

    Don't you mean a joint bid from Microsoft and Microsoft?

  12. Hubert Thrunge Jr.


    Why should RIM sell itself?

    A couple of investment wankers, errr I mean bankers want to make a profit so tell RIM to commit hare kare. No, sorry. FOAD is what they should say.

    A MS/Nok buyout would kill RIM dead, just like the marriage between MS and Nokia is slowly killing the once greatest mobile phone maker in the world.

    So RIM made a faux pas moving into the tablet market, So what!? Put it behind yourselves and concentrate on the core business - mobile telephony with business applications.

    Thankfully the joint CEO's of RIM still own most of the company, so they can offer the single finger salute.

    Far too many companies have been destroyed by some profit mongering bankers whim. Come the revolution brothers, they're among the first up against the wall!!! ;0)

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