back to article Atari and Square Enix cough to exposing users' privates

Atari has apologised to gamers following a security breach that exposed their names and email addresses, leaving users at heightened risk of spam as a result. The gaming outfit blamed the fairly minor breach (no credit cards or mobile phone numbers were exposed) on problems introduced during a migration to a new cloud-based …


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  1. Thomas 4
    IT Angle

    This is only part of the issue

    The other side of it is the amount of data games companies are collecting about us. There was a series of recent articles in PC Gamer, Escapist and others (but not el Reg, surprisingly) about EA's Origin system. The EULA specifies that they can collect information from your PC pretty much at will without prior notification If that gets hacked (and there's a pretty good chance it will, given that even Steam got hacked) a lot of info is going to wind up in the wrong hands.

    Origin in particular is worrisome as the data collected is shared out to 3rd parties as well. So it's all very well if EA's servers are like Fort Knox but GameAdServersTrololol are the digital equivalent of a hooker's knickers.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tomato, Tomato (oh, that doesn't really work in text)

    Personally I'd have gone for





    Hey! I was just saying! :p

  3. adnim Silver badge

    The cloud is secure

    This is just a one off. It won't happen again. All the employees of cloud service providers are highly trained and competent personnel. No corners will be cut when a cloud provider attempts to be competitive and undercut its rivals. Not one single cloud service provider employee will ever make a mistake, nor will they ever be open to bribery or blackmail. Your data is safe with a cloud service provider.

    I don't ever expect to to read another news story regarding the leaking of data from a cloud service provider.


    1. beli bouton

      The cloud is secure

      Alimentary, my dear Watson - now I understand what those

      " THE CLOUD SUCKS SHIT " bumper stickers mean.

  4. Tchou

    Seeing again ATARI in a tech news is good enought for me. No matter what.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "This occurred when an outside contractor working on our website..."

    Bloody contractors again... I might've known. Obviously, when you want a job doing well, you need a permie. Everyone in IT knows that.

  6. mark 63 Silver badge


    The title and the tagline reminded me of the song

    'The Radio still sucks' by 'The Ataris'

  7. Topperfalkon
    Black Helicopters

    Of course, these days there's a subtle ironic giggle that must be had when El Reg reports on any leak of private details, having had such a leak caused by a Layer 8 fault themselves...

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