back to article Xmas heralds bumper tablet shipments

Is fondleslab fever fading? They might be if you're IDC, a market watcher, which had to admit that its forecast for Q3 2011 tablet shipments was almost six per cent off mark. IDC had predicted world tablet shipments of 19.2m units for Q3, but the total actually came to 18.1m units. Still, it said, strong demand in Q4 will …


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Anonymous Coward

What planet does the IDC live on?

With large parts of the world's economy flatlining for many people buying a tablet or any IT kit for that matter is not that important. Feeding the family, keeping the home warm and keeping a job are far more important than buying a fondleslab.

for Apple to shift more than 10 million in Q4 is (no matter how much you hate Apple) pretty good going given the state of many people's finances.

Anon coz my job has just been marked as 'at risk' in the next wave of redundancies.

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