back to article Nekkid Tech: Where are the new enterprise bibles?

The previous Nekkid Tech outing quizzed HP storage bigwig David Scott and discussed changes at the tech titan. Now, back with episode 11, Nekkid Tech host Greg Knieriemen chats to guests Greg Schulz of StorageIO (@storageio) and Gina Minks, storage evangelist at Dell (@gminks). Here's what to expect in today's podcast… Nekkid …


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Anonymous Coward

New England VMUG? Pah. Try the Old England VMUG!

Why not come along to our little event in London, also in January, info here:


The London VMUG Steering Committee


I would love to...

I would love to... but I'll be in London 2 weeks beforehand at the Dell Storage Forum


Episode #11 follow-up, free chapter download and special discount code

Thanks for the opportunity to be a guest on your new show, enjoyed the conversation with you Greg and Gina.

Here is a URL to a free download (PDF) of chapter 1 "Industry Trends" from Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (CRC Press):

Also in addition to Amazon and other venues around the world, here ( ) is a link to the publishers site where a special discount code (KVK01) can be applied before check out for a 30% discount for the hardcopy version.

Watch for a Kindle and other epub besides PDF versions to appear soon.



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