back to article RIM BlackBerry Curve 9380 with BBM music

Perhaps sensing that it’s on the verge of losing the smartphone battle, BlackBerry manufacturer RIM has all but swamped the market recently with a rash of handsets, each offering something a little bit different. The Curve 9380 is the midrange full-screen model, smaller and cheaper than the Torch 9860, and with no hard Qwerty …


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Anonymous Coward

What a piece of junk...

For that price you can get the HTC Desire S or Sony Ericsson Arc S.. Both of which are orders of magnitude better than this.

They have a modern smartphone OS (and will, at some point, be updated to the latest iteration) that can actually handle basic things like web browsing without falling all over the place.

They're both also made out of solid material, not the cheap plastics that most blackberrys are made of.


Why would anyone...

buy a Blackberry without the ONE thing they are good at- their great typing experience?

I love my Galaxy S2, but the only thing I miss from my venerable Bold 9000 was the gorgeous keypad.

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