back to article Microsoft dishes free phones to Android detractors

Microsoft is tempting Android smartphone owners with free Windows Phones if they take to the Twittersphere and let rip on how bad they think Google's OS is. Microsoft's Ben Rudolph launched the competition last night through a Tweet. “Share your android malware story… and you could win a #windowsphone upgrade,” he said. …


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Would this be to cover for the SMS of Doom affecting Winpho 7 phones story published by El Reg earlier by any chance?

Thus far it's looking a lot like the only option for a trouble free phone is BT... has it really come to this?

Pint icon? Meh... what's the use.


ok, where can I sign up to malign my android phone that's never given me any trouble?

Cause I need a smart phone for my 1 year old, she loves her mom's and will not always let her have it, cause she thinks its hers...

And Windphone 7 seems just right with the giant colorful icons... the only major question is if ToddlerLock is available on Windphone 7 yet


Ay up, where's all the fandroids?

Seems like the quietest thread around... only one ascerbic comment from an Android user? Here's the actual tweet -

"#DROIDRAGE !! Share your android malware story (there's lots going around and you could win a #windowsphone upgrade."

MALWARE, not "given me any trouble". And the current SMS issue with WinPho7 ain't that new, Series 60 had something very similar for a while if memory serves. That'll get patched and the worst it does it nuke messaging if a crafted SMS is sent to the phone. Android's got actual, real, proper malware on the app store (well, who knows? That's the scary part - 22 "refraud" removed last weekend with Premium rate SMS scam capability, estimated 14,000 downloads of the apps concerned - although thankfully a low infection rate IF symantec are to be believed).

Real the story properly before you crow about your handset.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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