back to article Optus, football codes get listing date

The last big copyright-versus-the-Internet suit to be kicked off in December will be the battle between Optus and Australia’s dominant football codes, the National Rugby Leage (NRL) and Australian Football League (AFL). As The Register reported in September, Optus’ launch of a service called TV Now put the football codes in a …


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A “put up or shut up” move.

Surely if you're putting up with something, you're also shutting up about it.

Surely they mean "put up *and* shut up".


Put up -

- In the phrase "Put up or Shut up" is commonly meant in the sense of putting up your stake in the bet, or sometimes, put up your fists and be ready to fight (I have encountered both in my time).

It's a bit like "Put your money where your mouth is".

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