back to article YouTube takes music royalties seriously

New York music royalty outfit RightsFlow has been acquired by Google for integration into YouTube. YouTube will incorporate RightsFlow’s technology management system to help navigate the complex territory of music publishing royalties. RightsFlow CEO Patrick Sullivan said in a blog statement that YouTube “shares in our vision …


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One rule for them

All I can say is that if I personally set up a video uploading site and invited world+dog to upload just about anything, I'd be in jail within 40 minutes.

Thumb Down

YouTube is almost ruined by miserable media corporations

The fun and sparkle of YouTube is almost ruined with the mass takedown of videoclips that actually bring people to the website in the first place.

Yeah Yeah, Whilst I know copyright holders have ultimate 'rights' over anything they own, what does it matter when people put their favourite clips online? It not like people claim its their own.

And, it's not like anyone can profit from it? I think the savage and panic stations manner of removal of "anything copyright" is going to turn the site into as much use as "friends reunited" was when the next website called facebook came out...

Im just saying the DMCA takedown thing should be used for full unauthorized works and short clips should be exempt from removal.

Instead I can see YouTube being killed off at this rate.

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