back to article Microsoft and HP sign four-year cloud cooperation pact

Microsoft and HP have signed a deal to offer joint cloud hardware and software configurations for sale over the next four years. Under the terms of the deal the slightly dynamic duo will offer three types of setup to resellers and direct sales: Private, hybrid and public. The first tranche of packages will go on sale in the US …


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  1. Mikel


    Have you read about Faust? He made this deal too, and it didn't end well for him. I remember a story about some other company, what was it... Sendo! That's it. Yeah, they cried too. And then there's Nokia, to fill out the lifecycle of pain.

    If you dance with the devil you will pay his fee.

  2. Melanie Winiger


    "the slightly dynamic duo" I love English humour :-)

  3. Shane Kent

    I seen this and envisioned...

    two people jump from a plane and only one chute with them. Then they fall through the air in a death spiral fighting over the chute. Shouldn't they part ways and each partner with a company smart enough to bring an extra chute?

  4. Craig Campbell


    VMware will be pissed...

  5. P. Lee Silver badge

    re: vmware

    It's probably the right decision not to use vmware. This is all MS software (exchange, lync etc) and HP will want full MS support. Cloud services are not an easy or commodity thing to provide, so support is more important than features or efficiency. When your service is down, you don't want two companies pointing the finger at each other.

    This is just an MS deal. There are non-MS cloud services which HP offers.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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