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Sending audio from your iPod or iPhone to your car stereo over FM is all very well, but it has some nasty drawbacks. There’s the lack of available frequencies in urban areas, for starters. And even when you’ve found a free one at the start of a journey, there’s no guarantee it will remain usable throughout your trip. Griffin …


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Actually, the Y lead and USB/cigar thing were < £10 together:

Y Lead:

USB/cigar thing:

No need for any software or crappy FM transmitter and the Y lead can be used in loads of other situations too...


Digital audio out now on the iPhone? Really?

"Using the Dock connector means that iTrip handles the digital/audio conversion"

Er, does it? Are you sure you didn't just give a glowing review to a £40 device because it can perform the function of a £2 cable?

Is there any evidence that the *digital* audio output of the iPod is available on the dock connector, as opposed to the easily-grabbed line outs (which are not properly shielded)?

There's no mention of any built-in DAC in the website for this device


Sorry, it is at least plausible

A bit of Googling shows that Cambridge Audio do a digital audio interface on the dock connector so this is in fact possible, although still rather unlikely on a £40 ICE product that never mentions it in the marketing materials.

Shame the pinouts on the net don't show how this digital output is accessed. Anyone know, or is this MFi-confidential? ;)


A poor solution

Seems like a poor solution to me.

I just bought a "Y" iPhone cable that connects to the dock port and then splits in two - one being a 3.5mm audio connector, the other being a standard USB lead,

I've added in a Belkin USB cigar lighter attachment so that I can use the USB end of the iPhone lead to charge it (or any other USB device) when needed.

Both together cost about £15 and work seamlessly.

Oh and the item you reviewed doesn't convert the sound I bet - the dock port outputs a line-level audio feed, all this device does is pass it on to either the FM transmitter or the 3.5mm jack.


Digital or analog audio feed?

Does it really pull off digital audio and have its own D/A converters? The dock connector has both digital and analog feeds but my experience is that most docks etc. use the analog.

Anonymous Coward

FM Transmitters

Best thing about the FM transmitter was the ability to block out the inane DJ patter of the local radio station.

The tape deck of the 1993 Citroen Xantia also had an audio in port on the front of the stereo. Futureproof.

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Actually, for the princely sum of £19.99 I can have pretty much the perfect use of my HTC Desire S in my Jetta's Aux input with a "Griffin WindowSeat AUX Windshield or dash mount with AUX cable"

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