back to article Sony networks boss on PlayStation, Sky and Google

Tim Schaaff has one of the most interesting jobs in technology and media, as president of Sony's Network Entertainment. Under his guidance, Sony has built out the PlayStation Network and launched Music Unlimited. It's also one of the most challenging jobs, as Schaaf's vertical division spans several competing fiefdoms at the …


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Anonymous Coward

Well TImbo, a few more questions before you go...

1) How do you deal with security at the end-user, platform and application level? Seems you've not had such good luck there or do you guys really not care?

2) How do you deal with Data Loss Prevention? Seems you've had more than your share of customer data losses and how much more money will you pay to consumers before you get the point and do it properly?

3) What do your IT boz^offins plan to screw up next? We want to make sure we have th popcorn and and hot dogs ready to watch the SONY bonfire...

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