back to article IBM unveils high-capacity, high-speed storage chippery

IBM has scored a blow in the high-stakes prizefight for the title of next-generation non-volatile memory technology, revealing a prototype "racetrack memory" chip baked using the same silicon fab technologies as run-of-the-mill chippery. Racetrack memory, for those of you who haven't been scoring at home, is competing with …


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  1. Dave Wallace

    Olivetti 101


  2. annodomini2

    So from the sound of it IBM's gone back to rope memory

  3. chairman_of_the_bored


    " the racetrack memory's read head detects the edges of the magnetic stripes rather than their polarity" - that may be factual but is also exactly the way ordinary disk drives work: magnetic disk heads have always read the transitions between polarity regions. Without transitions, no signal. No signal, no data. So there is nothing new about detecting "the edge of stripes".

  4. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    IBM playing catch-up.

    HP announces in October that they will have commercial memristor tech in 18 months, and - surprise, surprise - IBM's competing team announce a "breakthrough" the next month.....

  5. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Returing to their 'Core Values'?

    Coat, Door?


  6. derv
    Thumb Down

    from the ultimate Vapour Ware company. I doubt its using any new tech.. just making sure its not left behind

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